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Waffle Weave Glass Cloths (2 per Set)


Here at Mirrors.ie we are delighted to introduce our clients to the safest and most effective cloths when it comes to cleaning your mirrors to perfection.

Our little waffle weave microfiber cloths are produced specifically to clean any mirror surface without using any detergents. Our cloths have very high performance quality and always allow you to achieve optimal results when cleaning your mirrors.


Usage instructions

Use one cloth lightly damp with water and proceed to clean your mirror, then use a second cloth dry to polish off for a perfect smear free finish. Our little waffle weave glass/mirror cloths can be laundered up to 500 times.

Laundry instructions

Cloths can be laundered by hand or machine using any powered or liquid laundry detergent. Never add fabric softener or Bleach when laundering your cloths. Cloths can be tumble dryed or left hang to dry naturally.


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